Redondo Beach is a city known for its beautiful, golden coastlines, stretching for miles and miles, and stunning views of the expansive ocean. Gazing out at the endless ocean, there’s no better symbol for the eternal love of marriage. That’s why a wedding on the beach can be such a memorable and unique experience. Here is some necessary information on how to have your wedding on the beach.


  • Beach

Weddings taking place on the beach will require a permit and a fee. To obtain a permit, contact the Department of Beaches and Harbors at (310) 305-9565.

Make sure to tell them the number of guests you are expecting, as well as any special circumstances such as music (live or recorded), and whether you will be needing a tent or any other kind of structure, as this will affect the permit and any fees.
Allow at least two weeks in advance, though giving yourself more than two weeks will ensure you reserve the right date without any complications.

  • Pier

Weddings, or any other organized event on the pier, must be approved by the City’s Harbor Department. Keep in mind that the pier is open to the public, so it may not be completely private. The Harbor Department can be contacted at (310) 318-0631 or here.

Marriage Licenses

Residency is not required to obtain a marriage license in Redondo Beach, however, there is a $90 fee. To apply, visit here, and for further information on marriage licenses in Los Angeles County, visit here.

Limitations to consider

  • Weather
  • Other beach or pier events
  • Tide

Beyond the city requirements, here are some tips to have an unforgettable wedding on the beach.

Time of day and direction of the ceremony
You won’t want you or your guests staring into the sun during the ceremony, so coordinate a time and direction that correlates well with the sun’s position. If the sun is unavoidable, follow the next tip.

Remind your guests to bring sunglasses to protect their eyes, or even better, provide your guests with sunglass wedding favors to commemorate your wedding. There are services that can print your initials on the sunglasses as a keepsake.

The right shoes will be crucial for walking and standing comfortably in the sand. Sandals would be the best choice, and can give you another opportunity for a keepsake. Along with sunglasses, you can provide commemorative sandals for your guests, which might be a smart move if you are having a reception at a different location.

Whether it’s the classic “Canon in D Major” or another song of the bride’s choice, walking down the aisle to music makes for a beautiful, profound wedding moment. Since you won’t be able to connect an elaborate sound system on the beach, have live musicians play music before and during the wedding to set the mood.

Arch or Canopy
The beach will be beautiful enough, but having a strong focal point for where the ceremony will take place will give it an added level of thought and beauty. Rent a lightweight arch or decorative canopy to stand under while exchanging vows.

Microphone for the officiant
As wonderful as the sounds of the ocean can be, they don’t facilitate talking very well. Have a microphone so your guests can hear the officiant as well as your vows.